PERLIWOOL® is a new concept in dry-base spray-on mortars, composed of mineral wool and perlite with cement as the sole hydraulic binding agent, used mainly for the fire protection of construction elements.

In addition to being a specially-designed product for fire protection, PERLIWOOL® also has outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties.

PERLIWOOL® also prevents the formation of water condensation.

PERLIWOOL® does not contain gypsum, plaster or lime in its composition, nor does it include any toxic ingredients.

PERLIWOOL® has a rough appearance and a monolithic texture, once applied. Different finishes may be achieved through light smoothing with a float or roller, and a coat of suitable paint may be applied in order to create different shades for decorative effects, if required.

It is sprayed on directly using an air gun, with a dry process spraying machine, onto the elements to be protected. This, along with its excellent adhesion properties, means that the coating adapts perfectly to the element being protected without cracks or fissures, resulting in a continuous and elastic coating without joins.

Thanks to its small grain size and the absence of any imperfections in the mixture (small stones from the mineral wool), PERLIWOOL® may be used in spraying equipment without a grinding system or with the largest nozzle size open. This makes spraying faster and more efficient.